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Welcome to the Tradelands Wiki!

This is a Wiki for the Tradelands setting on the chat RP found in pJJ.

What’s this all about?

Tradelands was created out of a desire for a cross-franchise Role-play setting that had a slightly higher maturity and elegance than the rest of the crowd. We wanted a place where the scale and scope was both feasible for much to be known about the world while still having a sense of wonder about the horizon.

What sort of setting is it?

Tradelands is generally supposed to be a low-magic fantasy world. There are people that make use of magic. Many, actually. But little of it is truly spectacular. A smith can make the coals breath with him. A farmer knows a few charms to keep his crop from insects and blight. But flashy spells are mostly legend and myth. True magicians and priests can call forth potent magic, but just as often resort to ceremony and parlor tricks. There are exceptions, however…

Tradelands is a cross-franchise play, what does this mean for this setting?

Many races from dozens of settings and stories live side by side and have done so for as long as there has been a history. Some dislike others, some are incompatible with others, some exist in in symbiosis with other creatures as they never did in their original stories.

What sort of stories are going to be told in this setting?

In the Tradelands conflict is common enough, but large scale warfare is not central to the story. Instead, Tradelands is oriented towards stories of mercantilism and trade. Crafty merchants from a dozen lands ply and haggle, emirs and diplomats hash out deals and make idle threats, mercenaries lead caravans and provide as much a protection against the lands as bandits. Spies from fading crumbling empires and upstart kingdoms cast about for all sorts of secrets. A general summary of the lands can be found here

Blahblahblah, does this mean I can have my Mentat-Jedi-Batman-Space Marine who’s half Vulcan, half Kitsune, half Elf cyborg pilot their transformer/gundam in and blow up everything?

Well… no. But that does sound pretty rad, admittedly. There is at least one chat where that sort of thing would fit right in. This isn’t it. Sorry. We have a list of races for you to peruse that are currently accepted for Tradelands. There’s a lot!
If what you want to play isn’t on the list, ask the admins for permission. We can be reasonable beings. If we’ve had food and sleep. Sometimes. If you have your own race that you want to create and place into the setting, be aware we may be picky about what we allow. Work with us. We want to see people have a good time.
While Warforged and Myr are very magitech, they are an exception rather than a rule. Further, we may allow for some very forward technological gains from goblins and gnomes but on the whole the setting should retain a feel of low tech.

So if I want to create a super ultra secret death assassin or a mega-awesome general?

It could work. But expect your character to do less fighting and more mingling and haggling. Assassins need to have a cover day job. Generals will be sent with an intimidating troop of soldiers for the purpose of putting a mild threat to an otherwise ordinary diplomatic mission. You might even play a large battle or bloody fight. But make sure your character has some depth of personality and a cosmopolitan sense of the world too.

This setting is too stifling for my creative talents! Why can’t I create my own race/nation?

Well you can, but allow the staff to review it. The races choosen from throughout Sci-Fi and fantasy settings were to have a large buffet of choices of creatures that were both able to reasonably deal with one another while still having their own mentality. Much in the same way, the nations created were put there to have interesting backgrounds and cultural leanings to base your character around. However, this should not mean that new ideas can’t be put in. We the staff would like to look over new material and make sure it meshes well with everything else.

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