The Gensai are a intensely emotional and adaptive race native to the Gharta, though they have spread throughout the Northern Continent. They are ambitious and known for impulsiveness.

A male watersoul and a female stormsoul.

Gensai are born with an elemental manifestation which colors their emotional outlook and determines the sort of powers and tolerances they are capable of. The five most common manifestations are Watersoul, Windsoul, Firesoul, Earthsoul, and Stormsoul which related to water, wind, fire, earth, and lightning respectively. A handful of minor manifestations exist, but Gensai discourage inquiry into the matter. Most Gensai will grow into the use of their abilities though adolescence and never have more than one manifestation. However, it is possible, especially when near strong displays of other elemental forces or simply through study and practice to learn a second manifestation. Changing one’s manifestation takes a few minutes and takes a small physical and mental exertion. There are a few rare Gensai called tempests that are capable of maintaining a dynamic tension between two manifestations at once.

Gensai feel an intrinsic sense of constant chaos and change in their selves and must learn to keep their emotions from spilling over. Even at their calmest, they display cracks of emotion. However, through difficulty, most have disciplined themselves enough to be perfectly sociable. This does not, however, keep them from having stereotypes by other races of being impulsive and prone to outbursts. Gensai are also quick to adapt to new cultures and new ways of life, which has contributed greatly to the spread of Gensai through the Tradelands. Theirs is one of the most widespread of the racial diasporas, second only to humans and orcs, though not nearly their numbers.

Gensai have difficulty grasping “one’s proper place” and the concept of static hierarchies. To a Gensai, there should be a constant ebb of those in power and those working to gain it, with no shame to those who fall to another’s rise to fame. This sometimes causes difficulty, especially for a Gensai visiting the Inomajan City-States.


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