Flamekin are a race that are bound to the element of fire. Their bodies are composed of living granite that naturally produce a cool flame across their body. They are originally native to the Shining Continent, but they have been migrating across the Tradelands as far back as Chals Kandis’ empire and can be found nearly anywhere in the current age. Their main population centers, hoever, are found in Koehlumen el Feham. They are spiritual people with an urge to self-improvement.

Flamekin are passionate and aggressive, with a zeal for attaining greatness and inspiring others to do the same. They are generally open and gregarious with others. Their relationship with Gensai is usually positive, and the two races generally acknowledge a likely common origin, though what it might be is unclear.

They are excellent craftsmen, with blacksmithing a natural talent of theirs. They are commonly sought after as soldiers, though they have a somewhat difficult time integrating with more disciplined military orders.

Flamekin’s bodies are composed of a living granite. While they are much more difficult to harm with bladed weapons, their bodies can be harmed, especially with blunt instruments such as maces.
Flamekins give off a cool flame continually that is harmless to the touch, but in times of stress they can intentionally cause their flame to become burning hot.
Flamekin are able to withstand an enormous amount of heat including being fully immersed in open flames.
Flamekin stand 5" to 6’5" and tend to weigh about 250 to 400 lbs, due to the composition of their bodies.


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