Gnolls are a fierce and aggressive race with a nomadic bent native to the Northern Continent, with most living in the Outlands regions. They are natural pack hunters, naturally working very well with others in small groups. However, due to their temperaments, they rarely work well with races that are not also aggressive or martially inclined. They are commonly found as scouts, hunters, mercinaries, and bounty hunters.

Gnolls have an instinctive need to establish dominance and regard intimidation and threats, if done properly, as being perfectly acceptable. This adds to the reputation of Outlanders as savage barbarians, even if the Gnoll in question is born within the tradelands. However, having established a hierarchy, Gnolls will be markedly loyal to friends and neighbors. They are known for getting on very well with Sergals

Gnolls also have a tendency to scavenge and think little of looting from the dead or eating rot, which has occasionally been put to use by other races by employing them as battlefield scavengers and trash collectors.

Gnolls have a very strong sense of smell
Gnolls are somewhat more agile than other races

Gnolls stand between 7’ and 7’6" and weigh between 280 and 320 lbs.


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