The Northern Continent:

Pyosi, city-state that is nominally the center of the Tradelands
The Empire of the Sun Throne, a successor state to a long dead empire

Kivyet Principalities, a land known for bright colors and intense games of subterfuge.
Inomajan City-States, A divided but beautiful land run with a complex caste system
Shuetekka, A refined civilization the heart of the jungle that believes in a need for constant blood sacrifice to hold off the end times.
the Ustura Plains, an outland civilization that lives in religiously mandated anarchy
[[Mt’ebi Shavik’vis Range]]

The Middle Islands

University of Sacritt, a series of nominal kingdoms ruled in all but name by a series of colleges for science, magic, alchemy and other arcane things.
Meketequo, an Island that sits between Gharta and the Southern Continent. The tribes of the island are masters of biological control and known for cannibalism and intolerance of outsiders.

The Southern Continent:

Khemish, a land of trade and pillage following ancient river flow that was the cradle for the world’s greatest conquerer
The Shae, a harsh desert filled with harsh people
Zuzuven Verdant grasslands at the heart of the continent
Ookoolan Jungles Dense tropical jungles that hide gems of vibrant civilization in opulent city-states that must continually clear the roads of jungle growth so the flow of trade may continue


Koehlumen el Feham, a landscape of volcanoes, molten metal, and choking ash

Places of the Outlands
the Ustura Plains
Mraggaran Hierarchy


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